Doctors Orders

In lieu of my wonderful boyfriend, Scott, feeling like crap more or less for the entirety of our three year relationship we have made the semi-forced decision to cut gluten, dairy and eggs out of our diet. After Scott experienced enough nights of sleeplessness, general fatigue, killer hangovers and just feeling crappy overall, I was finally able to talk him into going in to see a Naturopathic doctor at my work (I’m a LMT at a local chiropractic & naturopathic wellness clinic). Dr. Plunkett worked her naturo-magic and ran a food allergy panel and we now have Scott on the road to feeling better. We found that he was intolerant to dairy, eggs, gluten and just for variety, green bell peppers and pineapples as well. Dr. Plunkett hopes that by cutting these things (and others down the road, it’s a process) out of Scotts diet we can reduce his allergic reactions to our beloved pups and give him a little more pep in his step. I’m following most of the regimen as well out of support and a sense of adventure. Can’t hurt right?

So in hopes of helping (or begging help from) others that may be following this diet I’m hoping to keep a food journal to give (or ask for) inspiration. Most of the entries will be what Scott eats since he is following the diet 100%. I’m having rate alternative foods on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best.

Day 1 – Jan. 2, 2013

Breakfast: (we’resd not big breakfast people; he rarely eats it and I usually have fruit or smoothies)

Lunch: Gluten Free Cafes frozen enchilada (3)

Dinner: bacon wrapped steak with grilled onions & mushrooms, avocado dipped in Earth Balance “natural buttery spread.” (he’s not a butter guy so he didn’t try it to rate it but I would give it a 4) *we were spoiling ourselves for the first dinner :-)

*He starved this first day. He is one of those freaks with a super metabolism and he lives to eat.

Day 2 – Jan 3, 2013

Lunch/snacks: Gluten Free Cafe‘s chicken & rice soup (3 – he said the chicken was “hard”), red cabbage & Italian dressing salad, lettuce wrap with spicy chicken & ranch (4 – he had difficulty keeping the lettuce wrapped), homemade salsa & Juanitas corn chips.
Dinner: chicken tacos on corn tortillas with tomato, onion, spinach, cilantro, salsa & guacamole.

Day 3 – Jan 4, 2013

Breakfast: hash browns, bacon & sausage  @ Dennys

Lunch: left over tacos, pickled okra, red cabbage & Italian dressing salad, home made  salsa & Juanitas corn chips.

Dinner: Spaghetti; ground turkey, home canned tomato sauce, De Boles rice spagehtti noodles (5). Spinach & tomato salad with italian dressing

ranch recipe


*** UPDATE***7/13/13
I totally slacked on my daily meal post plan. Scott lasted three months on a militant no dairy, eggs or gluten diet. Then I went on vacation. I was in Vegas with some girl friends when I got the call. “Babe, I love you….but I have to tell you something….I’m eating a lasagna….”

Since then we have avoided the three little demons but are definitely a lot more relaxed about it. Having come from a white bread and potatoes kind of family I am proud of him for the changes he has made. We have made it a point to educate ourselves more on what we eat and our focus has been more on food quality and purity rather than omitting things from his diet. We’re working our way towards it. Life is a process <3

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